Jan 25, 2013

Flying Apple Slices!

Hey guys!
Been a while and I have had such a major mental block, it wasn't even funny!
In October 2012, I took my camera and started to play again... this time, getting tricky!
All the searching for cool ideas led me to try some wayward thinking.
In this case, flying apple slices and chunks errupting from the apple.
right, if you never knew how to... you do now.
I got me some really big, juicy, crisp apples and instead of just eating them, I first played with them. Yes, I played with my food.
Look below... looks cool, doesn't it?


First thing to do is... slice your apple, or any other fruit you desire...
Second thing, prop the peices into place with either toothpics, kebab sticks or, in this case, match sticks.
Position your uh, model... point your camera at it and shoot!
Once you have your photo, it's time to take it into your editor... mine is Photoshop CS5. But, any editor with clone and heal features will do the trick.
See the original photo?
Cool hey?
With a lot of cloning, recloning, close-up cloning and same amount of healing, you can get a good result. All it takes is time and a little patience. Be a perfectionist if you must!
Remember, to make it believeable, you need to really treat it well. Take care to notice edges, marks etc that may catch the alert eye.
Okay, I did do some of my usual layering afterwards and some minor cropping just to make it seem a little more appealing, especially since I underexposed a little and shot a little wide.
Below is another one I did, then ate. If you look close, you can see the attention to detail, it seems really as if the apple bits are floating.
Now, don't forget, you do not need major editing skills or any fancy schmancy equipment. This can be achieved similarly, with a cell phone, or basic pocket camera too!
If your camera has the ability to do long exposures, you can also have fun that way.
Here, I set up my Sony A200 with my tripod. I switched to manual mode, set the shutter to 30 seconds and set the Aperture to F8 with the ISO at 100.
I have a great little light on my cell phone, so I danced around in the street. Okay, not exactly the street, the end of a road. It took a few attempts to get the manual focus right, but nailed it nicely with this one! My mistake, wearing shorts. So, my multiple legs are noticeable in this one... I was also blessed with a car passing by in the background too!
Anyway, thanks for popping by.
Go play outside!
See you soon!
If you've played like this, would be nice to hear about it, share a link in the comment box.
Take care

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  1. really cool, Colin.... Hope the blocks are in past