Oct 16, 2012

Kite-Surfing ~ Cape Town

Kite Surfing is big in South Africa. I mean, on a good day, you could find in excess of 50-100 surfers occupying the waters of Blouberg, Sunset Beach and Big Bay  in Cape Town, South AFrica. Ther are other parts of the Cape like, Langebaan and more around the other side too, but this seems to be the better area to hit the waters.
What an exhilirating experience it must be to put on your wetsuit, inflate your kite and fit the harness. Once the preparation is done, you've had your training and feel brave enough to head out, it can only be amazing.
Well, since I don't have the kite-surfing equipment, I still love watching these guys head out with their wind-filled kites to venture the cold waters of the Atlantic ocean. To feel the strength of the South-Wester that bellows accross the beach and sea allowing then to almost fly, in a sense. I can imagine myself, one day, splashing accorss these waters, tearing through the crests of the waves, soaring to new heights and landing again as graceful as possible back on the water's surface.
Most Saturdays, there's even a school that will help you to get out there, safely and confidently.
Below are some of the images from a recent day at the beach, watching, shooting, enjoying.
Some, do lose it, a little.

The remains of the shipwreck that is an attraction in Blouberg, slowly dissapearing into the sea.

Always such a great spectacle to watch these guys getting out and having this much fun.

Tearing a wave, getting a little air.

There's always a few learners amidst the more experience.

It's even great for couples!

Looks like a business man, yet, he's loving the thrill and the ride.

Getting some really big air!

Sometimes, taking a breather, isn't a bad thing...

On-lookers aren't plenty for some reason, but there are a few.

Trying new things, once you've mastered the basics.

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