Jul 20, 2012

In Black And White.

Greayscale, as it is also known, is sometimes a great way to express mood or just enhance an image. Other times, it's just a way to better handle an image that was maybe shot with the wrong settings... Best part of only seeing the B&W image is, you'll never know... 

I would take my camera for a walk around the neighbourhood to see what would catch my eye.

Spotted this little car parked so perfectly on the side of the road, couldn't resist but to spend a few minutes to best compose the image and still grab all that I want from the shot.
I did do some post processing to enhance the mood and atmosphere.

This was just a pop of thought, I spotted this leaf wedged in between two planks and it immediately planted a thought into my head. A thought of being trapped, waiting for that one thing that would free it. Sometimes, all of us can relate...

This kid, watched him for quite a while, spends his days outside a local KFC in hopes of some food, or money. Always happy, even when he is ignored by passers by, he still enjoys himself and his dog.

Here, sportsmen practice, even though they don't have the best facilities, they make do with what they have and overlook the things that could bring them down.

Sometimes, the road can lead one's mind astray...

Sometimes, it's what's on the side of the road that catches the eye, we should not be too hasty o get to our destination, but to rather enjoy the journey.

Out on the beach, the weather can play a major role in your image, in this case the wind blowing the clouds over the peak of Signal Hill, Cape Town, made for a great, dramatic image.
My 74-300mm kit lens working hard to get the best capture it can from Blouberg Beach.

Technically, this image is wrong, technically (referring to rule-of-thirds etc.). But, as art, it's perfect... do like the scale though of the ship, the stadium and the mountain.

Ah yes, this one caught my eye... I liked the shape of the rock, that near foot-like shape intrigued me. I noticed all the tiny shells lying around there, that could easily end up underfoot. I neatly placed a few on the rock and worked around the sunlight to get a great image. This is the result...

Close-ups can also create great pieces of art. In this case, a bee collecting pollen was readily captured. Of course, it came down to flipping the camera from landscape to portrait until the composition was right. This was the final result of many shots while chasing the bee around the flowers.

On the beach again, I managed to cach this gull just after snatching up a mussel shell. He'd fly up, and then drop it from a height to try and get it to crack open. He succeeded and enjoyed a great lunch.

Well, that's it for this episode, will follow up with some more soon again. Still trying to pick out some good ones and share a little secret with you guys.

Cheers for now.

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