Feb 17, 2012

What Have I Been Up To Since My Last Posts?

Well, things went astray... as you know, my camera was stolen, I had been loaned a camera for a short while, which I then had to return... So for quite a while I was without camera...
It was quite a frustrating ordeal for me, I loved having a camera by my side, I loved capturing those still images, moments, memories, experiences and most of all, the extraordinary.
Well I had, since then, decided to sell my car, buy a cheap means of transport and invest in a new camera. I searched for the best deal, looked at options, decided methodically and researched my choices beofre I decided. I made my final choice on my needs, what it was I wanted to do with the camera and how much it would cost me.
I chose the Sony Alpha A200 to start learning seriously about photography. I managed to find a sweet 2nd hand deal on it and got myself an extra couple of lenses too! So I got myself back into the game of imagery (which will follow soon) and went out shooting all sorts of random things as I always did.
I have to admit, the A200, be it an entry level DSLR, is quite a wonderful camera. Easy to use (once you familiarise yourself with its lay-out) and can get to the point with relative ease. The fundamentals I knew were now void. I was again, a beginner... I believe I still am an amature with so much more to learn. I was at ease with a basic bridge camera, it was so easy and this was not. The bicylce had changed, the rules had changed.
I began where everybody does... shooting anything and everything! I soon relocated again, closer to the beach... and this opened my eyes to what I am capable of doing. I have started to love photography again, and in a new light. I am now in the mode of DSLR! What a different world. Interchangeable lenses, manual focus, manual aperture and shutter, everything, MANUAL! Wow! I never knew it could be so much fun!
It has taken many a day on the beach, strolls along the coast at dusk and the occasional early morning to make me realise what it is I love about photography, and what it is I love about me.
I am an artist, only thing is, I use digital imagery to showcase myself. I see the world as only I can, through my eyes. All I can do is share what I see and feel with the world. I have learned recently through a very, very close freind, Victor Moss, who was the one to tell me, that I have an uncanny ability to put great emotion into my works. Nothing could be more true than hearing from somebody else. I cannot say thank you more to him for opening my eyes to see what others could see. I am original, one-of-a-kind. I am a giver of happiness and joy. I am, me.
More of my tales to follow... and more good news on how my old, dearly missed, Sony DSC-H10 has still managed to change my life, even though we are no longer together.
Must go for now, much love, readers... much love, world.
Please comment if there is anything you want up on this blog. I know it has been a long time since anything was posted here... I will share some A200 images soonest.

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