May 19, 2011

My First Big Wedding - What an Experience!

So, in mid 2010, I was asked if I wouldn’t mind shooting a wedding in 2011, at the time the answer was a definite yes. I did not expect that in the time leading up to the wedding things would change so much. Needless to say, time drew closer and I no longer had a camera (mine was traded to a new owner, without consent from me, yes, I was a victim of crime). The stress of the commitment was unbearable. I mean a wedding photographer with no camera is unheard of. I had planned to own my very first DLSR, but that failed to materialize due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Well, time got closer still… then, my prayers were answered, by a generous and giving man, Mr. Brian Cheyne, in the dying times of planning, weeks before the travels to the wedding, he came to my aid. I could not believe what was happening here! A man whom I have never met in person, to me still quite the stranger, was offering to loan me his equipment. First thoughts were “what’s the catch”, there’s always a catch… strangely, there was none. None, this was new territory for me. I mean, there’s always a catch, always a sneaky little something, somewhere. Well, true to his word, there was no catch.

So, we arrived in Pretoria after the 16 hour drive from Cape Town, little sleep and unpacking to still be done. I got some rest in, 2 hours or so, then off to meet the man who saved my bacon. Upon arrival, there, on the table, was a backpack, stuffed with all the goodies I would need. 2 camera bodies (Canon 10D and 50D), and lenses, oh man, lenses. Everything I would need (and then some) for the wedding. You sir, are a true hero!

Ah, but wait! I have to learn how to use all this equipment, the wedding was less than 24 hours away! I’ve never used an attached flash, nor detachable lenses, come on, this is new territory to me! Anyways, after some fidgeting and button pushing, I started to get the hang of all this new fun stuff. I can understand why he loves photography so much. So, late to bed, with an early rise, to continue adapting to the cameras and lenses before the rush to the groom’s place. To shoot him, the bride had somebody with her. Then from the groom, to the venue, to shoot the bride a bit as well at the venue, then shoot the venue and finally… the wedding!!! I went into overdrive! I shot all angles, I shot anything that caught my eye, but never lost focus on the wedding and it’s most important guests… the Bride and Groom!

As you know, nothing flows smoothly, no matter how much planning you have done, there’s always a few surprises. Well, I had my fair share, but to me, these were all learning curves… an all new experience. Needless to say, I tip my hat to the pros who do this nearly every weekend. my legs just aren’t fit enough for all the crouching, squatting, running, bobbing and weaving and many other things I can’t think of right now to get that one shot that could make the wedding album complete.

Well, did the wedding, saw my good friends again, had a ball and then packed the bags and returned home. Now, so far in my mind (and the minds of many) everything was sorted and the editing could begin. I got stuck into editing to realize, but there’s images missing! Oh the horror!!! Worst thing you can do for the wedding is lose some vital images. I mean, I’m playing with the couple and their family’s memories here! Panic stations! A few calls and check here and there, I’d misplaced a memory card, it was still in Pretoria. It took some time to get those images here, I mean these are of the rings, the families and the whole group together! These, were some of the most important images. Well, all’s done and as you can read by this post, 2 months late, but complete nonetheless. Hopefully, if I do a wedding again, it won’t take this long for the couple to get their winning photos.

So, without any further ado, I introduce to you, the bride and groom… Mr. and Mrs. Engelbrecht… and a few images from the wedding.

-In no particular order-

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  1. What a great twist you took with these, Collin. You did a beyond fantastic job for only having used the Cannon for half a day! You had better be as proud of this as I am and I had not one thing to do with them!
    I kid, but I am really proud of you for not giving up.
    Way to kick fate's butt!
    You really are a Professional Photographer.
    I need an autograph..
    Hugs from here,