Feb 10, 2010

Catch of the day!

This was a bonus for me, right place, nearly right time as my camera was but mere meters away from the action that started to unfold. I was just coming back indoors when this “commotion” caught my eye. Lo and behold, in the corner of the dog box, this fly had made its way into a spider’s web. A Feather Legged Spider had set up office in this little spot and as usually just gathering dust, until this fortunate moment. When I first saw this, the spider was still trailing its way down to the ever wriggling fly. By the time I had gotten back to the scene of the crime, the fly was already in the process of getting wrapped up. Below is a series of snaps that I got of this bad boy in action as he wastes no time wrapping his meal up for take-away. I wonder if it had a family to feed as that looks quite a bit bigger than him… or is it her? Hmm… curious.
The wind had picked up and drizzle had started to fall so I think both me and the spider had to act quickly...
Unfortunately, I missed the initial paralasis stage where the spider gives the fly the insuing sting while running for my camera.
These photos were taken in quick succession of each other so you can imagine this all went down quite quickly.
Now to tuck the wings back in.
Say your prayers little one...
Final stages of the process.
You can almost see the thorax movement as it works that web at a rapid pace.
Last inspection and closing of any open gaps...
Then all that's left is to grab it and haul it up to safety.
Safely home and into storage. by this time the rain was pounding down and the wind howling so in fear of equipment safety, I retired the camera for a cup of coffee.
I can now only still imagine what Frodo must have gone through when he was in the fly's position...

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