Aug 10, 2009

Road Trips, South Africa ~ Part One

Right, in no particular order, some of the photos from my recent travels around the drier areas of Southern Africa. We have such a beautiful and diverse land. Please bear with me as some (well, most) of these were taken from a moving vehicle. On one side, when you travel deep Free State and Northern Cape, it's pretty much flat. Then you head more eastern side towards White River and Sabie stopping by places between, it's hilly, green and lush.

Morning trip, just before passing Witbank heading towards Nelspruit and White River...

Just some of the country side between Nelspruit and White River.
In the middle of nowhere... civilization exists, spotted this shopping center about an hour's drive from Douglas, but about an hour plus before Kimberly.
Crossing a single lane bridge about 20 minutes from the industrial farm town of Jan KempDorp.
A run down shoplet in Jan KempDorp.
Kimberly behind us, Jan KempDorp ahead, somehwere on this road.
Just one of Kimberly's attractions, spotted as you enter the town.
Between Bloemfontein and Kimberly, the road is flat... and straight... a road where lots of this can be seen...

Approaching Bloemfontein in the early morning mist.

Sunrise between Johannesburg and Bloemfontein... somewhere...

I am developing a greater love for my contry, South Africa. Such a diverse land, culturally and by design. South Africa, a land of many splendors I have yet to see and experience.

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