Jul 15, 2009

Landscapes and Seascapes... Exposure Shots

Adjusting shutter speeds can make for great images too. Thing is, these must be done at night, very late afternoon, or damn early morning... before coffee.

This image was taken just before 8pm, Ballito beach facing Umhlanga. 10 second exposure, aperture F3.5, ISO 100 with a focal length of 6.3mm.

This one again on 7 second shutter speed, aperture F4, focal length 14.6mm and ISO set to 100. The rock on the left looks like a sleeping croc, don't you think?

Early morning, sunrise. Aperture F8, exposure time 1.5 seconds, ISO 200 and focal lenth of a mere 6.6mm.

This time, 5 second exposure, aperture F8, ISO 100 (should have had it at 200 to prevent image burn on the horizon) and again 6.3mm focal lentgh (which as I've learned is due to the auto settings)

Now this was just playing around... preset my camera with a 10 second timer so I had time to get down there and pose... a few times. Shutter speed set to max for my camera at 30 seconds, aperture at F3.5 as it was actually quite dark and ISO at 200.

Now this is just before 6pm... aperture F8, exposure time of 15 seconds and ISO of 200.

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